Saturday, October 26, 2013

Two auditions down - no more to go

So I just finished up the second of two audition rotations yesterday and they both went really well.

I learned things from both places that I really liked and things that gave me pause as well.
When I was talking with a friend, they said to me something very true - if I had sone an audition rotation at one of my current top choices would I like it as much or would I find something that I am less than thrilled with?
On interview day you only see a few people - only tour a few places and do not really get a sense of the whole program and the pitfalls and advantages.  You see what they want to present - and never get to hear the dirty little secrets.
But when you rotate with a program you get a true sense of behind the scenes - you know everything.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  You have seen the underbelly of the beast and know what you are in store for vs being surprised.
Maybe that is the advantage of being here and having life experience - I am not naive enough to think that every place is as perfect as they portray themselves on interview day.  There are bad parts to every place - every thing has a downside.
I think this is going to be the most difficult part of the rank list - knowing that there are parts I will not be happy with.  Balancing that with the known pieces that give me pause and my overall reservation may change.
I think of the two places I interviewed I would be okay ending up at either - maybe one over the other but either would suffice.  But neither creates that sense of excitement and "this is it" I keep hearing about from people who have walked this path ahead of me.  Maybe I have not found it yet - maybe I never will.
But I am done with audition rotations and they both went better than I could have dreamed - landing me interviews at one place that I may not have otherwise gotten one.
Now off to Emergency Medicine for four weeks :)

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